Which do you like better, the Navy band or the Marine band?

Here are two videos, which band do you like more? Navy Band Marine Band Advertisements

Military band audition advice

So I have been thinking about joining at military field band after I graduate college. To all of those who are interested in joining a military band playing euphonium. Here is some advice: Audition

Practicing too much?

I just found a great article that talks about how many hours a day musicians should practice. Enjoy. Practice

Simple music

So I stumbled on finding one of the most beautiful composers I have heard in a long time. Arvo Parte music is EXTREMELY simple. Listen for yourself: Arvo Parte

Graduate School

I am graduating college in 6 months and the next step for me is graduate school. My top three schools are the University of Maryland, the University of Georgia and the University of Arkansas. I am excited to see where I will be headed. If anyone wants to comment about these schools, comments are welcomed! […]

Video of “the man”

This is a video of Arnold Jacobs. He is someone I admire for his knowledge of low brass playing and music. Enjoy. Arnold Jacobs

Inspiring Video

This video I found of Steven Mead is incredible. This video has elevated my standards of playing. Watch it here: Steven Mead