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Which do you like better, the Navy band or the Marine band?

Here are two videos, which band do you like more?

Navy Band

Marine Band

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Military band audition advice

So I have been thinking about joining at military field band after I graduate college. To all of those who are interested in joining a military band playing euphonium. Here is some advice: Audition

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Practicing too much?

I just found a great article that talks about how many hours a day musicians should practice. Enjoy. Practice

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Simple music

So I stumbled on finding one of the most beautiful composers I have heard in a long time. Arvo Parte music is EXTREMELY simple. Listen for yourself: Arvo Parte

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Graduate School

I am graduating college in 6 months and the next step for me is graduate school. My top three schools are the University of Maryland, the University of Georgia and the University of Arkansas. I am excited to see where I will be headed. If anyone wants to comment about these schools, comments are welcomed! You can email me at Bolden_joshua@columbusstate.edu.

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Video of “the man”

This is a video of Arnold Jacobs. He is someone I admire for his knowledge of low brass playing and music. Enjoy. Arnold Jacobs

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Inspiring Video

This video I found of Steven Mead is incredible. This video has elevated my standards of playing. Watch it here: Steven Mead